A robust and spicy chili recipe to celebrate the Gray Cup featuring our Island Raised Beef and Red Barn’s Own Sausage. Make the day before and then heat and serve with a sprinkle of shredded Red Barn’s Own Smoked Cheese and scallions.  


A fresh salad to kick off the new year. Taking a break from all the rich food and leftovers we’ve all been eating over the last week, this is a simple green bean salad with a simple balsamic olive oil dressing.  

Mel's Mulligatawny Soup

Mel’s Mulligatawny Soup

December 11 , 2015 by Red Barn Market - in Soup

This recipe comes from one of our favourite home cooks, Mel Hermann!  Mulligatawny soup is English in origin and is richly flavoured, spiced with curry powder. Perfect for a cold day, serve in hot cream and sprinkle with cilantro.    


This recipe is a family favourite that you are sure to love.  A creamy sauce with a slight orange flavour and sliced carrots best served with rice.    


Quince Jelly

October 07 , 2015 by Red Barn Market - in Uncategorized

This wonderfully rich  jelly is an excellent alternative to red currant jelly to eat with cheese, pate or on toast.  Quince are fruit not to be eaten raw because they are so sour and astringent. However, when cooked thoroughly they make the most beautiful rose-colored jelly. They’re also loaded with natural pectin, so you don’t […]


A summer family favourite, a sweet bbq with citrus flair and hint of tequila. Slowly grilled on the BBQ, these are fall off the bone good. Pair with Margaritas!


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