Red Barn Market is pleased to be able to provide our customers with a great selection of gluten-free options.  From our selection of fresh-baked breads to our deli and grocery items, we have range of choice available for gluten-free and friendly diets.

If you know of a local, gluten-free option that we don't carry, we'd love to hear from you.

Send us an email or let us know on Facebook, and join our friends at The Celiac Scene for more gluten-friendly resources.



Sandwich on marble ryeOur sandwiches are made to order from the best in local, fresh ingredients. Each sandwich starts with fresh-baked breads, choose from a wide variety of choices including rye, multigrain, sourdough, and gluten free, all supplied daily by the local breadmasters at Portofino Bakery.

Try our locally-sourced selection of fresh meats, choose from savoury favourites like maple and old-fashioned ham, roast beef and our smoked turkey, all prepared in-house in Red Barn’s very own smokehouse.

Choose a gourmet cheese from the deli and complete your creation with choices from our array of fresh vegetables.


Red Barn Market's fresh produceWe love the idea of organic and local foods, of living in a community that cares about where their food comes from and how it’s produced – that’s why we form direct relationships with the farms and farmers that provide us with produce, because we think you love it too.

Locally sourced (when possible), always fresh, the produce at Red Barn Market is a testament to Vancouver Island’s local farms and an investment in our community.

Always closely inspected to assure the highest quality, we’re proud of the statement our produce makes.


Red Barn's locally sourced and smoked meatsOur philosophy of healthy eating and living starts with the farms that provide us with product. Much of the pork, beef and poultry that makes its way to our markets comes from local farmers, who we ensure follow sustainable farming practices before we bring their products into our stores.

Our experienced and knowledgeable butchers can answer any questions you may have about your meat order. Masters of their trade, they can fulfil any custom order whether it’s bones for your home-made stock recipe, a deli tray, even a turducken.

Read about our commitment to working with local farmers and small-scale food processors,  and learn why it’s our local advantage. If you’d like to know more, join us at any of our four locations or contact us.


Selection of smoked meatsOnce you catch the scent of the succulent, smoked goodies emerging from our smokehouse, you’ll be hopelessly addicted, helpless to resist the delicious, savoury, smoked treats prepared in our 500-lb smoker.

Sample our line of over 80 smokehouse products, prepared daily at the Vanalman location. Try some smoked turkey, including savoury smoked breast and turkey jerky. Our deli case features five varieties of smoked cheese, our range of smoked pork products features both chops and the mother of all meat products, a smokehouse specialty: fresh, locally-sourced bacon.

In addition to the unrivaled quality and taste, our smoked products are also generally healthier than products cured with salt. Learn more about our smoker, and smoked products from the friendly staff at the Vanalman location, join us on Facebook or Twitter, or contact us.


Party TraysLet us take care of the menu for your special occasion with Red Barn’s Own Party Trays. Using our famous Red Barn Smokehouse products, local fruits and vegetables, cheese, sushi, desserts and gluten-free options, we have something to suit every event and taste.

See our selection of party trays —>


Special OccasionsIf you’re looking for that special taste that comes from local free range turkeys you’re in the right place. Come on in to any of our Red Barn Market locations and order one of our island raised free range or farm fed turkeys from Ireland, Stonebridge, and JD Farms.

Turkeys are only available for order at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Limited Quantities


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